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Los Angeles Privacy Violations Attorneys Helping Consumers Protect their Rights

While the modern digital age has made many things easier and has opened up a number of new possibilities, it has also exposed consumers to new risks, particularly when it comes to their privacy, their personal information and their identities. There are various legal protections against privacy violations, and companies that sell, intentionally expose, or fail to properly protect customers’ private information can be held liable for damages.

At Broslavsky & Weinman, our Los Angeles consumer attorneys help people protect their rights to privacy and to pursue legal action when these rights have been violated.

Common Examples of Privacy Violations

  • Negligent data storage by companies – The companies that collect your personal sensitive data are required to take reasonable and appropriate care to protect that data. When they fail to implement the security measures needed to protect this sensitive information, it can lead to data breaches and privacy violations.
  • Transmission or sharing of data without your authorization – When a company that has your personal sensitive data wants to share or sell that data, it must typically get your permission to do so ahead of time. Failing to get a proper authorization can constitute another type of a privacy violation against which consumers can take legal action.
  • Illegal collection of data – As technology advances, so too do the programs and techniques used to collect personal sensitive data without consumers’ knowledge or approval. Many forms of data collection are illegal and constitute another privacy violation.
  • Printing receipts with private information – If you made a purchase from a retailer and the retailer printed more than the last 5 digits of your debit/credit card number or the expiration date of your card on the receipt, your privacy  rights have been violated.

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