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False Labeling

As consumers are becoming more health conscious, many companies are increasingly marketing their products as “organic” or containing “no artificial ingredients.” Because of their supposed health benefits, companies typically charge premiums for products that are labeled in this manner.

Some food products labeled “organic” are not, in fact, “organic” because they contain unnatural ingredients (such as artificial additives, chemical preservatives, etc,) or because they are made with genetically modified organisms. Many food products that have the label “no artificial ingredients” are falsely advertised for the same reason.

Likewise, there is also a growing trend among manufacturers of cosmetic, personal care, and body care products to label their products as “organic.” Even more often than with food products, such labels are often not true.

Companies who untruthfully advertise their products as “organic” or containing “no artificial ingredients” are violating the law. If you suspect that you have been misled by a product label in this manner, call us at (310) 575-2550 or email us using the contact form on this page.

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