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Los Angeles Whistleblower Attorney

Standing up to an employer to report that company’s legal violations and wrongdoings can take a lot of courage. After all, the people who decide to blow the whistle on corporations can be putting their income, careers, and reputations on the line in their pursuit of justice.

At Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP, our Los Angeles whistleblower lawyers help such individuals protect their rights and craft the strongest possible whistleblower cases.

Who Are Whistleblowers?

Whistleblowers can be any employee of a public or private business, including (but by no means limited to) the employees of:

  • Government entities
  • Political subdivisions
  • Public corporations
  • Private businesses
  • Educational entities

Generally, people become whistleblowers when they report a company’s wrongdoings or legal violations to any law enforcement agency, government authority or a person with authority to correct the violation. Commonly, these wrongdoings or violations include (but are by no means exclusive to):

  • Violating any state or federal laws
  • Failing to comply with public policy and/or local regulations
  • Failing to abide by health and safety regulations
  • Fraud involving customers, clients or income

People can also be whistleblowers by aiding investigations into alleged corporate misconduct or testifying at trials related to these investigations/cases.

Whistleblower Protections

In addition to the Federal False Claims Act and other federal laws that protect whistleblowers, in California, Labor Code Section 1102.51 also offers whistleblower protections to workers in the state. In particular, this law makes it illegal for employers to:

  • Institute or enforce any policy that would deter or prevent people from being whistleblowers
  • Retaliate against workers who refuse to engage in any activity or work that would constitute a violation of federal or state laws
  • Retaliate against workers who become whistleblowers against them or who have been whistleblowers in the past

Contact Our Los Angeles whistleblower Lawyers Today For A Free Consultation

If you are considering reporting an employer’s wrongdoing, or you have been retaliated against for your whistleblowing activity, contact a Los Angeles whistleblower attorney to learn more about your legal rights and options. Contact one of our lawyers at (310) 575-2550 or email us for a quick response.

With office locations in Los Angeles and San Bernardino, our employment attorneys provide legal service and representation to clients throughout California.

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