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San Bernardino Sexual Harassment Lawyers

San Bernardino Sexual Harassment AttorneySexual harassment is still a serious problem in many workplaces, both large and small. Indeed, with the increase in large corporate employers in San Bernardino, our sexual harassment law firm has also seen an increase in claims of harassment in this county.

Over the last decade, San Bernardino has become a hub for large warehouses, distribution centers, packing facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and other commercial and retail spaces employing hundreds or thousands of local residents. In part because of available space, proximity to airports and rail stations, and a readily available workforce, large companies have invested considerable resources in opening and operating these facilities throughout San Bernardino County.

While such companies may have policies designed to prevent all forms of discrimination and harassment, the reality is that many employees and supervisors do not read the policies, are not properly trained on sexual harassment prevention, or simply believe that the conduct in which they engage is not inappropriate or harassing regardless of the policies.

Pursuing Sexual Harassment Claims

There are a number of laws that are designed to protect employees from being sexually harassed. The San Bernardino sexual harassment attorneys at Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP have a proven track record of successfully assisting San Bernardino residents in pursuing these claims.

While harassment is never tolerable, sexual harassment in the workplace can be especially difficult, as it impacts the individual being harassed, creates intolerable working conditions and threatens the livelihood of the individual. Pursuing claims for sexual harassment can prevent others from experiencing similar harms and often helps provide victims of harassment with closure.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment comes in many forms, including the following examples:

  • Unwanted touching, physical conduct or interference with an employee’s ability to move
  • Unwelcome sexual advances or invitations
  • Leering, obscene or offensive body language, or displaying graphic pictures or images
  • Sexual comments, innuendo, and jokes, or remarks about a person’s appearance or body
  • Making employment or job benefits conditional on sexual favors
  • Threats or retaliation for turning down sexual advances

The most common types of sexual harassment generally require sexual advances, sexual desire or motivation. However, the law is clear that sexual harassment is not required to be motivated by a sexual desire and can instead be driven by a desire for control, power, or to humiliate.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys at Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP

The San Bernardino sexual harassment attorneys at Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP have been successful in a wide range of sexual harassment cases, including the following:

  • Single severe incidents of sexual harassment
  • Constant flirtation
  • Inappropriate games being played at work
  • Inappropriate text messages, etc.

Our sexual harassment attorneys review all of the evidence to determine whether single incidents or a combination of various incidents have created an unlawful hostile work environment.

How to Deal With Sexual Harassment?

One of the first steps in dealing with sexual harassment is documenting the instances of harassment and considering reporting the harassment to management or human resources. The majority of employers have handbooks or policies that detail the procedures for reporting of and handling complaints of sexual harassment. Individuals who have been the target of sexual harassment should review such policies and make a complaint if they feel comfortable.

Employees may often feel uncomfortable reporting the harassment because the harasser is a supervisor or manager or out of fear of losing their job or being retaliated against. Complaints to the employer are not required to bring a claim of sexual harassment, and many individuals pursue valid claims even without reporting them.

If the employer, however, is notified of sexual harassment but fails to take an effective action, an employee’s case is often made stronger by the employer’s failure to stop the harassment. Employers who go as far as to retaliate against individuals for reporting sexual harassment are in violation of additional laws, and employees who have been retaliated against have additional claims.

Whether or not an employee chooses to report sexual harassment, employees who believe they have a claim are encouraged to speak with an experienced sexual harassment attorney in San Bernardino. Each case is different and each company responds differently. Therefore, receiving a free consultation will help you understand your rights and options going forward.

Contact San Bernardino Sexual Harassment Attorneys

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment at work, the experienced San Bernardino sexual harassment attorneys at Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP can help you. Call us at (909) 551-4455 or fill out the contact form on this page to speak to discuss your potential claims with one of our lawyers.

Our San Bernardino sexual harassment attorneys provide representation to employees throughout the whole county, including, but not limited to Ontario, Upland, Fontana, Redlands, and Rancho Cucamonga

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