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4 Major Updates to the California Fair Employment & Housing Act: What California Workers Need to Know

As of April 1, 2016, new amendments to the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA) took effect, enhancing some protections for employees while instituting some new requirements for employers. The following provides an overview of these new FEHA amendments. New FEHA Amendments The latest updates to the FEHA & their impacts The latest updates to the FEHA include amendments that pertain to: The scope of FEHA – Expanding the coverage of the FEHA, this set of amendments dictates that […]

Employers Can Be Required to Make Reasonable Accommodations for Non-Disabled Employees, California Court Rules

Non-disabled employees in California who are associated with a disabled person can be entitled to reasonable accommodations from their employers, a California court recently ruled. Overturning the decision of a lower court, this ruling issued by California Court of Appeals, Second District, effectively clarifies employers’ duties to provide reasonable accommodations under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Background on the Case The case at the center of this decision, Luis Castro-Ramirez v. Dependable Highway Express (Case Nos. B261165 […]

Workplace Age Discrimination Targets Workers as Young as 45, Study Reveals

A study several years ago showed 30 percent of people over age 53 face some kind of discrimination due to their age. Newer studies now show that age discrimination even affects employees 45 and older. According to the new study, people 45 or older who are out of a job will now remain unemployed for longer periods than their younger competitors.  This represents a change since before the Great Recession.  Older workers were unemployed an average of 4.5 weeks less […]

Prison Guard Pay Eclipses Cal State University Faculty

Over the last several months, California State University (“CSU”) faculty members have been appealing to CSU trustees to approve reasonable and common sense pay increases of 5%.  Such pay increases would impact roughly 26,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, guidance counselors, and staff.  CSU trustees refuse to budge, currently offering no more than 2%.  At the same time, the union representing 29,000 California state prison guards, California Correctional Peace Officers Association (“CCPOA”) was able to secure a 9% salary increase over three […]

The California Fair Pay Act Clarifies & Strengthens Equal Pay Laws, Is Now in Effect in California

While California’s equal pay law is one of the toughest in the nation, it was recently made stronger by changes that took effect on Jan. 1, 2016. That is because these changes now require California employers to pay women and men equally for “substantially similar work,” regardless of their specific job titles. Prior to this, the California equal pay law had been interpreted by the courts to mean that only men and women holding the exact same job should be […]

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