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Class Action Billing Fraud Attorneys

Unauthorized Charges & Billing FraudBilling fraud refers to the deceptive practice of charging consumers fees that they did not incur, did not agree to, or were not aware could be applied to their account.

Because individual damages in billing fraud cases are typically relatively small compared to the costs of pursuing a legal remedy, the most effective way to bring such cases is through a class action.   Billing fraud can be the basis for a class action where a company engages in the same unlawful conduct as a matter of pattern and practice against a large group of consumers.

At Broslavsky & Weinman, our Los Angeles consumer attorneys pursue class actions against businesses that seek to take advantage of their customers through deception and hold companies accountable for billing fraud.

How Billing Fraud Can Occur

Businesses can practice billing fraud in various ways, including (but not exclusively) by:

  • Adding unauthorized charges on billing statements
  • Tacking on hidden fees
  • Having consumers unknowingly enter into contracts that auto-renew every month
  • Phantom billing or charging consumers for goods or services they didn’t purchase or receive
  • Assessing improper fees, such as bank overdraft fees
  • Double charging consumers for the same goods, services, or transaction

Billing fraud is not exclusive to any particular industry or type of business, and can be committed by various types of companies, such as:

  • Health care providers, including doctors and hospitals
  • Cellphone and cable companies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Insurance providers
  • Retailers and other providers of goods/services.

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If you have been the victim of billing fraud that you believe may have been committed against a large group of customers, contact the experienced Los Angeles class action attorneys at Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP. You can call us at (310) 575-2550 or email us using the contact form on this page for a quick response. With office locations in Los Angeles and San Bernardino, our class action lawyers provide legal service and representation to clients throughout California.

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